Free Writing Conference Resources

3 Classroom Management Tools You Can Use During Conference Time

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  • Self Reflection Checklist
    • Tip: If you’re dealing with interruptions, noise, etc. after beginning formal conferencing, use the checklist. It provides 14 tips to help teachers prepare lessons, materials, and behavioral expectations.
  • What to Do When I am Done Writing poster
    • Tip: Display your class expectations on this poster so students know what to do when they finish writing. Some teachers allow students to get up and get a book; others don't want them walking around. Whatever you decide, be clear.
  • Today I'm Conferencing With poster
    • Tip: Don't stretch your class's capacities by overdoing it. Limit yourself to 3 students during a formal conferencing period (6 if you are teaching kindergarten.) Know in advance who you will be meeting with that day, and post theri names on this poster so students will be ready.


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